Today, progressive chartering teams have to rely on a plethora of single-purposed tools offered by different providers on the web for their daily work.


Yet, all the key data in shipping still starts and ends in an archaic email system which does not facilitate collaboration and being a closed system, is incapable of integrating with new tools which are all web-based.

ChartDesk is a modern cloud-based solution comprising of a spectrum of collaborative management tools specifically developed to support the daily work of any commercial ship chartering team.


We are committed to making your work easy by adopting an open approach to integrating with popular chartering tools from various providers.  

ChartDesk is available as a subscription based SaaS (Software as a Service) or enterprise deployment in a private cloud.


Users will be able to access all its critical  business data and tools on-the-go via one of its mobile apps or any modern web browser.

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